It has wide-ranging applications in meal preparations such as:

1. Basic for:

> Aloo Papad
> Aloo Bhujia
>  Croquettes
> Aloo Parathas
>  Tikkis
> Koftas
> Kababs
> Cutlet
>  Vada Paw
> Batata Vada
> Paw Bhaji
> Pasta
> To form French Fries
> Soups
> Sauces
> Biscuits
> Curries
> Gravies
> Extruded Snacks Snack Food Products- like Pringles Potato Chips, Nalley’s Crunchi-OS
2. Supplement to / also enhances the texture & flavour in:
> Breads
> Pastries
> Cookies
> Biscuits
>  Cakes
> Doughnuts
> Brownies
> Burgers
> Sauces
> Baby Foods
3. Batter & binder for:

> Meats
> Fish
> Poultry

Also used in institutions , restaurants etc.
4. Thickening agent in:

> Curries
> Gravies
> Sauces
>  Soups
> Ketchups
5. May simply be used by:

> Households
>  Hoteliers
>  Restaurants
>  Fast Food Chains
>  Cafes
>  Bakeries
>  Confectioners etc.


Economy: It saves expensive labour, fruitful energy & most precious time. All you have to do is add water to Potatoking flakes and you get instant mashed potatoes.

Quick & Easy: It emits the invincible trouble of washing, peeling, cutting, cooking, mashing.

Shelf Life: It has a shelf life of more than one year.

Durable: Potato flakes being light weight are easy to transport and does not require specialized storage as the product does not require refrigeration and needs to be kept only in ambient conditions (dry place).

Uniform: Uniform taste and texture helps in maintaining the quality of the end Product.

Healthier & Improved Product: Low Sugar Potatoes are used to manufacture Potatoking Flakes, they are high in carbohydrates & protein and low in fat. Carbohydrate food is the most efficient fuel for energy production and can also be stored as glycogen in muscle and liver.

Industrial advantage: The amazing 6:1 Ratio of Potatoking Flakes/ Powder/ Flour enables you to reduce Handling, Storage & Transportation costs drastically as compared to raw potatoes. In order to constantly provide impeccable products & services, our team of food scientists is devoted to create & maintain the state-of-the-art process & management system for enhanced performance and further growth.